Sunday, September 30, 2012

EASY purple smokey eye

Easy purple smokey eye!

You will need:
A light shimmery pearl/nude color eyeshadow
A purple eyeliner pencil
A purple eyeshadow

Step 1: Apply a shimmery white, pearl or nude color all over the lid and in the inner corner

Step 2: Take your purple eyeliner and trace a sideways V shape on the outer corner of your eye. Take the top part of the V slightly above your natural crease. Also take this liner underneath the lower lashline

Step 3: Blend the liner, sweeping it towards the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4: Take a purple eyeshadow and fill in that V shape, also trace the purple eyeshadow along the purple eyeliner that you drew in- sweep the purple towards the center of the eye to blend it.Take the purple eyeshadow on the lower lash line as well. A pencil brush is handy for this step. 

Step 5: Apply a bit more of the original shimmery eyeshadow to the center of your eye to pick up the light.

Step 6: Apply your purple eyeliner to the lower waterline.

Step 7: Apply mascara.

And your done!

Hope this was useful guys! Sorry the pictures are a big skewed on the "steps" picture-still figuring out how to make it look right. Have a great Sunday! xx

OOTD: Summer Revival

I had to bust out some summer clothes for this OOTW. I am not ready to give up the summer trends like lace and bright pants yet!! This outfit was for a dinner out :-)

Pants: Ideeli
T-Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Blazer: Ideeli
Flip Flops: Havaiana
Maybelline Color Tattoo: Mossy Green

Lips: Revlon Color Tattoo-Crush + Josie Maran Natural Volume Gloss in Optimism

Friday, September 28, 2012

NOTD: Fall Green

I haven't used an OPI polish in a while and I had forgotten how amazing the formula is. This nail polish went on so smoothly and easily and was so easy to work with. I am absolutely loving this greenish-bronze color for fall!
OPI-At your Quebec and Call

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CAUTION: Aussie 3-Minute Miracle

So as you guys know I raved about Aussie's 3-minute, 3 dollar miracle worker in my hair care post. At first I loved how it made my hair feel and I thought it was doing some serious deep conditioning. I was using almost everyday for a few weeks. I was home in central New York a few weekends ago and got my hair cut with the hairdresser I've had for around 10 years. I was telling her about this Aussie 3-minute miracle and she told me to be really cautious about cheap products like that. She said the chemicals in it could actually really be drying my hair out. I'm such a long time client of hers that I trust her judgement. After she told me this I began to notice that my hair had been looking dryer and more fried. Instead of the Aussie product making it silky and frizz free, it seemed to be doing the opposite. Now, for one, I could have been using the 3 minute miracle too often. I'm not sure how often you are supposed to use it, but maybe using it 5 or so times a week is too much. Two, I cannot say for certain that this product dried out my hair- it was just something I happened to notice. I decided to stop using it all together and I actually have noticed my hair looking less dry. I'm not telling anyone they should stop using Aussie 3 minute miracle, I just wanted to share my experience!! What results have you guys had with this product?!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Knot hair tutorial!!

Top knots have been everywhere lately! They are definitely a popular trend right now so I thought I would show you guys one that I have been wearing recently. I really like this hairstyle because it's quick and easy but really cute at the same time. This also can be worn on pretty much any length hair, as long as you have a ponytail to work with! Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

NOTD: Birchbox Nails

This is a custom color from Birchbox and Color Club called Put a Pin In It. Although the name is rather odd, the formula of this polish is vastly improved from the other Color Club polishes I have gotten. It still helps to put a big blob on your nails and then spread it out, but its not nearly as sticky as the others. This is a great metallicy tanish-rose gold color that goes on very smooth and opaque. It's a great color for the season!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

OOTW: Apple Picking!

This is actually from last weekend (woops!) I went to an adorable little apple farm on a gorgeous fall day!

Black Cami: American Eagle
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: J brand
Boots: DSW
Watch: Fossil

Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick Post: Removing Makeup

To get that stubborn makeup off, try using a little bit of bar soap.Lather the bar soap in your hands and rub it over your face and eyes. I have found that this completely removes all my eye makeup and I don't get out of the shower looking like a raccoon! A gentle, moisturizing soap like Dove would probably be best- but I just use whatever we have!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Birchbox

I haven't done a blog post on a Birchbox in a while so I thought I'd do one! Here is the contents of my September Birchbox:

The first thing towards the far right is a Madewell giftcard for $25 off $75 or more. I am pretty excited about this because there is a Madewell in Boston and I've always thought the close looked really nice!

The next thing in line is a perfume sample from Bvlgari: Mon Jasmine Noir. The description says that this perfume has waves of ripe fruit and a base of heady jasmine-this luxurious scent is the perfect accessory for fall outfits. I think this is a nice scent, but it is a bit too mature smelling for me. It kind of smells like an old lady perfume, but the fruity undertones are really lovely!
Full Size: $47-83

Above the Madewell giftcard is a Sleep Over Kit by WEI to Go beauty that includes a gel cleanser and a moisturizing face tint. The description tells me that the gel cleanser washes away dirt and debris with camellia-oil and the moisturizing tint is skin perfecting. Unfortunately, I rarely ever use the skincare samples that come in my Birchboxes because, as you know, my skin is very sensitive. But this seems like a cute idea!
Full Size: $19

To the right of the Sleep Over Kit is a little "fall lookbook" created from a collaboration between Madewell and Birchbox.  I thought this was a good idea for Birchbox to include. The lookbook outlined hairstyles, nails, makeup and accessory trends that will be popular this fall!

Over top of the lookbook is a Twistband with a Birchbox custom made lace design. I know people absolutely love these hair ties, but they actually don't work in my hair at all! I will probably end up giving this one to my sister!
Full set of 6-12: $14-22

Ok, moving on to the next thing over which is The Brush Guard: Brush Guard Variety Kit. I have never seen this before so when I first saw it I was thoroughly confused. I saw brush guard and I'm like, toothbrush? It wasn't until I read the description that I realized these are protectors for your makeup brushes for traveling. From the directions on the package it also looks like you can use these while your brushes are drying.They are made of tightly woven skinny plastic strands that tighten as you pull the guard apart and loosen as you push it together-it reminds me a lot of a Chinese finger trap actually.  I think this is a neat idea, but I'm not entirely sure how useful they are yet. 
Full Size: $5.50

The white bottle is by Vasanti and it is the Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. The description reads: This exfoliating cleanser uses professional-grade microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin. This sounds absolutely amazing but in all honestly I probably won't use it! Grr I hate skin care samples!
Full Size: $34

Last but not least is the Color Club Birchbox custom nail polish in the color Put a Pin In It (weird name right?) This is a metallic pinky rose color. It looks very pretty! I actually have a color by OPI that is quite similar but a bit less metallic- I will definitely be trying this one out soon!
Full Size $8

And that's the September Birchbox!! Of course, I prefer makeup samples much more than face care samples, but I think the nail polish and the Madewell gift card are awesome. I have a question though- so many of my Birchbox samples just sit- does anyone have any good ideas of what to do with them? It just seems like such a waste to let them sit there. Leave comments below! Have a great night! xxx

Monday, September 17, 2012

Skin Care Re-purchases

When it comes to my skin, if I find something that works- I have to stick to it. I have very sensitive skin and if I change up just one aspect of my routine it almost certainly will react badly. Case in point, that Aveeno Radiant moisturizer that I tried a few weeks ago- total disaster!! I broke out in the worst rash on my cheeks that didn't go away for days (TMI I know ;-) ). I'm not sure why my skin is so sensitive, but it definitely limits how creative I can be with my skin care routine. When I say limits my creativity, I mean I haven't changed my routine since 7th grade, literally. I know it seems insane to still be doing the same things you were doing in high school, but if it ain't broke don't fix it! I have added an eye cream to the mix though, which is a whole 'nother story because my eyes hate almost everything I try and put on them.

My all time favorite facial cleanser that I have used for ages is the St. Ive's Blemish and Blackhead Control exfoliating cleanser. I don't know why I ended up picking it up all those years ago, but I have been buying it as needed every since. This cleanser is very exfoliating and doesn't foam. This may be too harsh for some people because the beads can feel quite rough on the skin, but I like the way it feels- it really feels like it is scrubbing all the dirt out. There is also acne medication in this product as well so it will keep breakouts at bay!

For almost as long as I have been using the St. Ive's, I have been using the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I was originally attracted to this moisturizer in high school because it works to reduce breakouts. It leaves a cool, tingling feeling after application which makes me feel like its working on those stubborn blemishes. I use this product only at night before bed because it is not moisturizing enough to use in the morning before the day. I used to use this product all year round but my skin has been getting so dry in the winter that past 1-2 years that I have been having to switch to something more restorative. There may be better moisturizers out there, but this one works for me and it agrees with my skin so I keep buying it!

I haven't been using Cetaphil since 7th grade, but I have been re-purchasing it for quite some time now. I had  heard a lot about how effective and gentle this cleanser was and one day I just decided to try it out. It must be gentle because it didn't make my skin react! I really needed a lotion that would deliver more moisture for the winter months. This is the perfect product because it's moisturizing enough to keep your skin hydrated, but it won't clog your pores and it feels light, not heavy. This moisturizer also has SPF which makes it excellent for everyday use!

Last is the Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10. I originally purchased this product because it targets blemishes with Benzoyl Peroxide. I was having a little bit of a breakout problem on my forehead and I was determined to find a solution. Of course, I still breakout, but this gel has helped keep blemishes at bay for the most part. I use it every night only on my forehead. It is very, very drying and your skin will feel tight after using this. This product is absolutely unnecessary for people that don't get breakouts. I only use this on my problem areas as mainly as a preventative measure. It has worked really well for me and I will continue to buy it! It also lasts forever because you use such a teeny amount each time :-).

Hope this was interesting for you guys! What products can you not live without!?

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Trend: Burgundy Lip Color

This trend has been quite ubiquitous for some time now. We have been seeing it in the magazines, on celebrities and on the runways. I loved it right from the start!! I think this look is so dark and sexy and its such a nice change from our typical nudes and pinks. Using a dark lipstick is a quick and easy way to jazz up a very simple makeup look. You can use a slightly lighter burgundy for day time and shift to a deeper shade with gloss for nighttime. It will also look amazing on any skin tone! This is definitely a trend I will be following!!

Below are some options for wearable, yet eyecatching burgundy lipsticks. The gloss I have had for so long. I must have picked it up on a whim a long time ago and never worn it, I love when you can get new life from an old product! The ELF lipstick I actually got for free with another pruchase, but it is an absolutely perfect color for this trend. The Revlon Lip Stain and Balm is an easy winner- it stays on forever and it's a great deep wine color. Finally, the Revlon lipstick is a dark plum color that I also picked up on a whim a few months ago-this would be a better color for nighttime because it is quite "goth" looking. Would you guys try this trend? If so, what colors have you been loving?

ELF Lipstick: Gypsy

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss: Bordeaux

Revlon Lip Stain and Balm: Crush

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: Violet Frenzy

From Left: Gypsy, Bordeaux, Crush, Violet Frenzy

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yay or Nay? Wedge Sneaker

I would love to know your guys' thoughts on the wedge sneaker trend! It's so funny because I bought a pair of wedge sneakers from Steve Madden about 5-6 years ago and loved them at the time but I really haven't continued wearing them much throughout the years. So I actually like these new ones that are out, they aren't quite as obvious as mine were- The wedge is hidden so you can't really tell by quickly looking that they have a heel. I will most likely resist succumbing to this trend and buying a pair because I think its just that, a trend, that will fade eventually. But it seems like the more you see something in magazines, on the streets, on TV, the more you like it, so who knows! Would you buy wedge sneakers?!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face: Well Rested

My beloved Bobbi Brown under-eye powder has recently bit the dust. It had hit pan and then crumbled. I tried to use it for a little while but it was just too messy because it was coming off in little chunks instead of a fine powder. I wanted to re-purchase the powder but in order to get it you need to buy the concealer-powder duo. I'm not out of the concealer yet so that seemed like a waste.  I had heard of this bareMinerals powder that was supposed to be a really nice under-eye powder so I decided to give that a try instead. I am absolutely in love with this product so far! First of all, it's $18.00 compared to the Bobbi Brown concealer/powder duo which is $33.00. Bobbi Brown is notoriously very pricey, but her products are excellent. $18.00 may still seem like a lot to some, but you need such a tiny amount per use it will last for absolutely ages.

This bareMinerals powder is amazing for a few reasons. One is that, like some powders, this product doesn't settle into fine lines and highlight dry patches. Bareminerals products are also nice because they are very easy on the skin because they are all natural. I have a very sensitive under-eye area so anything too harsh will become and irritant and not work out. This powder gives some light coverage to fill in the places that your concealer missed which helps with covering stubborn dark circles.The very best thing about this about this powder is that it has a subtle shimmer to it. It isn't a glitter or a sparkle, its a natural looking glow. This illumination does an amazing job of brightening up the under-eye area and making you look much more well rested. This aspect was lacking in the Bobbi Brown powder, but with that said, not everyone will like the shimmer. This powder coupled with the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer have been my go-to duo for about a week now and I have been so happy with it! I highly recommend spending the extra bucks on this product if you have darker under-eye circles like myself.  One thing to keep in mind is that when you put this under your eyes it may fall a bit to the area directly to each side of your nose. If it does fall in that area it tends to enhance the pores there and make them look larger. Just make sure to smooth it out with your foundation brush or a makeup sponge! Hope this was helpful and have a great night!! xx

Color: Well Rested (lightest one)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yay or Nay? Rubber Nails

The latest and greatest from the nail world. Illamasqua has released an innovative nail formula that is described as having a rubber-like finish. This nail polish is said to be chip resistant and buildable, with a unique waxy texture. Kind of curious about this one, what are your thoughts?!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Finally it's giveaway time!! This giveaway is a thank you to everyone who has helped me to get over 10,000 views! Thank you SO much for reading and following my blog and watching my youtube videos!

To Enter:
1. Become an e-mail subscriber/follower of my blog
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How I will Choose the Winner:
I will randomly select a comment that has been left on this post. I will then make sure that the person selected is a subscriber to my youtube channel and my blog. If the person is not a subscriber of both I will choose a different winner :-).
The winner will be selected on October 11th, so you have a month to enter!

Giveaway is open worldwide

Thank you again guys!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Post: Everyday Anti Aging Tip

So sorry for so many "quick posts" lately guys! I have been so busy with my internship since September began. I have all the prizes for the giveaway and will be creating it tomorrow, yay! Also more full, thorough posts to come this week :-). Just bare with me for now, thanks!!

Some of the best anti-aging remedies involve no expensive creams or trips to the plastic surgeon. This happens to be one of them! To reduce the creation and/or worsening of crows feet, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles in between the eyebrows- ALWAYS wear sunglasses!! Even if it is not a particularly sunny day, you are probably squinting without even realizing it. I wear sunglasses pretty much any time I'm outside unless it's a particularly dark day or night time. Partly this is because I have a light eye color so my eyes are more sensitive to the sun. But it is also because I hate squinting, it gives me a headache and causes wrinkles! For me, it's really important to have a nice, quality pair of sunglasses with clear lenses. I have had my pair from Burberry for going on 6 years now, and they have been SO worth the money. The lenses are so clear that I forget I'm wearing them and they do a fantastic job of shielding the sun. When I'm wearing a cheap pair  of sunglasses I definitely notice a difference in how well they diffuse sunlight. If you take very good care of your sunglasses and always put them back in the case, they will last you FOREVER! I know some people never buy expensive sunnies because they lose them, but trust me, its worth it! Your eyes and skin will thank you :-). Hope this was helpful! xx

Saturday, September 8, 2012

MAC Woodwinked and Mythology

Woodwinked is an absolutely gorgeous metallic brownish gold with hints of yellow. It is very wearable for daytime but can be easily glammed up for night time as well. I think this color is a must in everyone's collection! This color is interesting enough to carry an entire eye makeup look- you can just throw this on your lids and go and it will look perfect! I often wear this all over the lid with brown cream liner just on the upper lash line, and it is a sophisticated but understated daytime look. If you are looking for a great everyday eyeshadow that requires very little effort to look fantastic, this is the one for you!
Woodwinked is a Veluxe Pearl shadow so it has a velvety soft texture with a metallic-shimmer finish.

Mythology is a unique, bold red based copper color with strong glittery flecks. This is more of a stand-out color than Woodwinked and is less understand. But like Woodwinked, it can be worn without any other eyeshadow and still look fabulous. This color is great because it can be worn during any season, but I think it is especially fitting for the Fall. So if you are looking for a fun new color for this season-go check this one out!
Mythology is a Lustre shadow so it is very glittery and frosty and may need a few coats to get a solid, uniform finish.

Top: Woodwinked
Bottom: Mythology

Left: Woodwinked
Right: Mythology

Quick Post: After the Shower

Two things to do immediately when you get out of the shower are cut your cuticles and pluck your eyebrows. Your cuticles will be soft and you will be able to see all the trouble areas, they will also be easier to cut. You will get a much better result doing it this way v.s. doing it  at another time!

Plucking your eyebrows will be much less painful if you do it right after a shower. Your pores will be open and the hairs will come out easier! Try it out!! xx

Friday, September 7, 2012

10,000+ views!!!!!!

We have reached 5 digits!! Thank you SO much to everyone who has been a loyal reader and also to those of you who just stop by whenever its convenient! This blog has been SO much fun for me to work on and I absolutely love sharing it with you. To thank you for supporting me and my blog I want to do an awesome giveaway! I would like to get one more prize that is higher end and then I will have all the prizes for the giveaway! I should be able to complete the prizes collection in the next 2 days and then I will announce the rules, it will be very easy and quick to enter!!! Thank you again and stay tuned for the giveaway you won't want to miss it!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Post: Tip to control fly-aways

It turns out that one of our most used household items in fact doubles as a fly-away tamer! This item is the ever present TOOTHBRUSH! Simply start by going out and grabbing the cheapest toothbrush you can find. Then, spray the end of the toothbrush and/or your hair with hairspray and use the bristles on the toothbrush to comb through your hair. You'll be amazed at how well the fine bristles of the toothbrush hide those unruly short hairs that stick out all over the place. I find that this works better when my hair is up than when it is down. It's not a complete miracle worker, but it is a very QUICK and EASY way to get a more polished look! Do you have any go-to tips and tricks?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: Review and Swatches

I am very picky about under eye concealers. I have tried many different concealers, both high end and drug store-and most end up getting kicked to the curb. Sometimes it's because they are drying or irritating, but mostly it's because the coverage isn't good enough, to put it bluntly. I had heard a lot of good things about this Maybelline concealer and actually purchased it quite some time ago in the color Ivory. I wasn't using it all that frequently and I think it's because the color was too light for me, so I would end up having white semi circles under my eyes which is not a good look. I decided to give this concealer another try and I purchased it in the next darkest color, Radiant. Ever since I made this switch, I have been using this concealer almost every day. It does such a fantastic job of brightening up the under eye area without drying or settling into fine lines. The camera didn't pick it up very well, but it is has strong pink tones to it. This pink color really helps to conceal the blue/purples that make themselves so apparent below our eyes. The concealer also has nice staying power. I always set my under eye concealer with my Bobbi Brown powder in Pale Yellow- so I think this increases the longevity of any concealer I'm wearing. My most prized concealer is the Bobbi Brown corrector in Soft Bisque which makes an appearance in almost every single makeup tutorial I have done. But I really like using this Maybelline concealer lately, not only to conserve my (much more expensive) Bobbi Brown corrector, but also because it has just been working really well. During these hot days of September, it's nice to wear a liquid v.s. a cream concealer- it is lighter and more resistant to sweat I think. This retails for  $7.99 but it is currently on sale for $5.99 on! You don't need a lot for each usage, so this product will last you a while- and it is well worth the money in my opinion. I would only suggest to be careful about the color you choose as the colors do run very light. You want something lighter than your skin tone, to get the brightening effect, but not so light that it looks unnatural. The main downside to this product is that the label on the packaging rubs off within a few weeks. I could care less about this issue, it's common among less expensive products, but it may be a pet peeve for some people. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and have a great night! xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOTD: Neutral Nude

This is a great color for the professional working environment. It is understated but also a really nice, solid nude with a yellowish undertone. I would almost say it looks like the color of custard. The formula of this polish isn't terrible. It is a little bit thick and sticky but it's workable- the best thing to do with this type of formula is not to take much polish off your brush before putting it on your nail. You will get a big blob but you'll need that much so that it doesn't stick together and create an uneven finish. A top coat also really helps to smooth everything out. Overall this is a really nice nude color that will be a great "go to." I really like that the color comes out opaque and not streaky!

*L'Oreal: Park Ave Luncheon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

More posts to come next week- enjoy this work free Monday!!