Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lush Soap Review

After my initial experience with Lush soap, I knew there would be more in my future. What I didn't expect was how much my boyfriend (the, just grab me the cheapest soap on the shelf, guy) loved them! He was actually the one to suggest that we go back and pick up some different soaps to try. We decided to get the original soap I got again, and then try 3 different ones. I thought I would rank the 4 soaps from my favorite to least favorite and tell you guys a little bit about each one!

1. Sultana of Soap
This was the original soap that we got and after trying a few more it is still my favorite. The smell is just intoxicating and literally sticks with you all day long. It moisturizes and lightly exfoliates the skin and really makes your shower experience fell like a spa day! This is probably the nicest soap I have ever used, I high;y recommend it!
2. Sexy Peel
I was so happy with this soap the first time I used it. The smell is very strong orange-citrus but it has a zestiness and a sweetness that does not make it overpowering. Besides the amazing smell, this soap is phenomenal for exfoliated. The little pieces of peel feel so nice on the skin and really scrub for a super clean feeling.
3. Honey I Washed the Kids
I had really high hopes for this soap because it contains caramel and the top is pure honeycomb. The sales associate said it would be nice and moisturizing and it also smelled great. This soap is nice, but the smell isn't as strong as the others. Also, the honeycomb takes a long time to soften up, so the rest of the soap gets used up much quicker and you are left with just the honeycomb, which is kind of difficult to wash with. However, this soap did provide some great moisture to the skin.
4. Demon in the Dark
This soap was very highly recommended by the sales associate, but this was my least favorite out of all the soaps. We were told that this soap would provide a tingly feeling, but I didn't get that when I used it. Also, the smell isn't really my cup of tea, but I could definitely see a guy liking it because it has the most masculine smell out of the four. I didn't really get the moisturizing or the exfoliating effects from this soap like I did from the others. The positive was that this soap lasted the longest out of all of them. 

Overall, I highly recommend checking out this store and trying out some of their products. I am most definitely a convert and I look forward to trying out their hair products and possibly some different soaps, lotions ect. 

Hope this was helpful! Have you tried Lush soaps?

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