Saturday, March 23, 2013

The best powder-ever!-

Face powders are one of those products that I think people tend to be a little cautious of because they think powder will make their face look cakey, which we all know is NOT cute. I happen to really love powder because it not only sets your makeup and makes it last longer, but it also creates a more airbrushed and perfected look and really helps control oil throughout the day. You can go for a translucent powder or a powder that adds some additional coverage. I have been happy with my Revlon and Maybelline face powders, and I also picked up a Benefit one which is nice as well, but NOTHING has compared to MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish  Natural. I had heard sooo much about this product, but never tried it because I was satisfied with the powders I had. I also thought it may be too shimmery for my taste. I am not really sure what prompted me to purchase it, but I am so happy I did. This powder is wonderful because, somehow, it does not look like you're wearing powder after you apply. It clings to little hairs on your face so much less than other powders I've used and it creates the most natural, yet glowing and perfected finish. It seems to fill in all the little places your foundation has missed without looking cakey. This also helps to keep your makeup in place throughout the day. If you don't already have this powder, and are up for trying something new, I would absolutely recommend giving this a try. You can also give it a go at a MAC station. Have a makeup artist put it on you and see the results for yourself! If you get the skinfinish "natural" it won't be overly shimmery and adds just enough to bring light to the face without making you look like a walking disco ball! The one downfall I have noticed is that if you put it underneath your eyes to set your concealer it settles into fine lines just a bit. Hope this was helpful, whats your favorite powder?!

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